The Language Of Religion, The Reason For The Season

I would like to think that God is every religion, from Baha’i to Buddhist, Islamic,Sikh, Christian, Muslim ,Judaism and everything in between. If we take a moment to consider religion as a language, it might make a bit more sense. At least the way I see it.

Wether you say Frohe Weihnachten if you are in Austria , Feliz Natal in Brazil, Milad Mubarak in Saudi Arabia or Mo’adim lesimka in Israel it all means the same thing, Merry Christmas. If you are somewhere that calls Christmas something different, it is still Christmas, only by another name.

We accept other languages, why not religion? A Frenchman isn’t wrong for wishing someone a Joyeux Noel or an Irishman for saying Nollaig Shona Dhuit. We might not understand what they are saying, yet we know they are wishing us well. We don’t have to understand every religion any more than anyone can understand every language. Even within a language there are numerous dialects. Yet each language co exists.

Our language is right for us, because it is the one we know, and are brought up with, that doesn’t mean we couldn’t learn about other languages, just like we could learn about other religions, if we chose to.

Embrace your language, traditions and religions absolutely, and allow others to do the same thing. For any message to reach the entire world population it would have to be translated into 7099 different languages or dialects. There is no one language, it might be possible that there is not one religion for everyone, either. It isn’t a case of my way is right, and everyone else is wrong. That’s perhaps why there are hundreds of religions for people to embrace. Something for everyone. Even believing that you don’t believe, would actually be it’s own belief.

For those of you saying to yourself, yes, but what about the people that do evil in the name of religion. To them I say, evil lives among us, no matter what that person’s language, religion or country of origin. Let your life become someone’s inspiration. Creating a more accepting world as we go.

This post will not be received well by everyone, and I am fine with that. It’s simply a way of looking at things. If for a moment, I have at least got you thinking, then my job for today is done.

In the spirit of this Christmas season, give the gift of yourself to those you love, and those you are yet to know.

Have a blessed Christmas, however you celebrate.

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