When Perfect Isn’t Perfect

By definition perfect is

entirely without any flaws, defects, or shortcomings.

Perhaps because perfection is so rare, we always seem to be on the look out for it. We as humans aren’t perfect. Is it a form of compensation for that flaw then, that many of us want to have things around us perfect.? That is a tall order my friend. If we lived alone on a desert island, we might succeed on some level. However as soon as we want perfection, of things we can not control, we are doomed to fail.

Because I was teased all my life about being short, I began, probably in my late teens or early 20’s to always sayIng that I stopped when I got perfect. That answer usually surprises people. Actually we have no control of our height. We stop when we stop.

It is our character that reaches the heights that our stature doesn’t allow us to go.

When we wait for a perfect time, a perfect place or that perfect moment does it become one of those things, that you don’t realize you have experienced until after it is gone? If we recognize perfection, how long can we hold onto it, before the moment vanishes?

When it escapes us, do we run after it, or let it go. What if imperfection was actually perfection all along? Would that free us from the torment of feeling like we are never good enough. Ah, to experience perfect imperfection . We can become masters of illusion, create an mirage, that to the outside world makes a life appear complete. We know that it is smoke and mirrors. I guess as long as someone buys our image, we will continue to sell.

In the stillness of the early hours, when we are alone with actual reality we know our truth. When we see someone that we think, has everything, before envy, or jealousy grips us… ask yourself, is it real or are they just better actors?

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