Resolutions aren’t just for New Years

We all do it, for whatever reason, lack of time, or, perhaps to be honest, lack of interest. We procrastinate, when we would rather be doing anything other than the task at hand. We can call it anything we want. When we want to do something, it is truly amazing how our schedules get changed, or we work harder to save for a holiday just because we want to.

Is it even possible, to somehow change our outlook so we are more likely to do the stuff we are putting off?. I believe so. It becomes more apparent to me every day, that our mind has immense power. It’s a matter of making it work for us, rather than against us, that is crucial. How, you might ask does someone do that?

With New Years just around the corner, let’s use that as an example. Some people are considering their resolutions. That annual march toward almost guaranteed failure. If it is to give something up, smoking,’for example. It is my observation, that people smoke more, because the end is coming, and they want to enjoy their last puffs. It’s the same with food. I’ll diet starting tomorrow, or next week. So I will make the most of it until then, and stuff my face with millions of calories. OK, make that thousands, but you get the point. Would I have done that if I hadn’t put it out there in the universe that the diet was to begin on a certain date? I don’t think so.

My biggest successes begin quietly. I don’t announce to the world that I am giving up something. I find, when you do that, it just makes people watch. Not, unlike the people that can’t stop themselves from staring at an accident, some quietly cheer us on, while others are watching, waiting for the crash of failure.

I decide what my goal is, then explore what I need to ensure success. Sometimes, it is as simple as observing those around me, people that even just appear to have what I want. I will let you in on a secret, it doesn’t even matter, if they actually have what I think they have. It could be all smoke and mirrors for example that they appear successful or not. It doesn’t matter, simply because the smoke and mirrors are their reality not mine.

At the earliest conception of a plan to regain my health, instead of seeing someone healthy and wishing it could be me, i saw someone healthy, and decided that , that was going to BE me. When I tried and failed on my own. I didn’t just say poor me, I went back to the drawing board, decided I needed help, got an amazing person involved and haven’t looked back. There are times, that you have to call in a professional, and above all, stand back, and let them do the job you are paying them for. If your plumbing goes, you call a plumber, the job gets done. It isn’t a sign of weakness to look for help, it is in fact, a sign of strength. Face it, you have to decide you need help, before you ever explore getting the help.

My successes only get louder, once I have achieved them. Then, it becomes time to let the world know what I have been up to. New Years resolutions are voluntary. I personally don’t do them. If there is something I want to change in me, I just quietly work away at it, and see how long it takes anyone to notice.

Avoid the self destructive traps. If for example, you, workout, then promptly reward yourself with a tasty muffin or glass of wine, you could actually find yourself gaining weight because the reward has more calories than you burned off.

Perhaps resolutions are counter productive. It becomes a willpower tug of-war. I will fight the demon and triumph. Really? Everything doesn’t need to be a battle. Yet, we put our armour on and go to battle anyway. Then are disappointed when we fail.

Instead, I suggest , deciding the direction you want to go in. Formulate a plan, and allow yourself to picture your success. Make your goal attainable, and quietly work away at it. It is not a race. Get the help you need along the way, but above all be prepared to help yourself. Anything worth achieving is worth working for.

The Language Of Religion, The Reason For The Season

I would like to think that God is every religion, from Baha’i to Buddhist, Islamic,Sikh, Christian, Muslim ,Judaism and everything in between. If we take a moment to consider religion as a language, it might make a bit more sense. At least the way I see it.

Wether you say Frohe Weihnachten if you are in Austria , Feliz Natal in Brazil, Milad Mubarak in Saudi Arabia or Mo’adim lesimka in Israel it all means the same thing, Merry Christmas. If you are somewhere that calls Christmas something different, it is still Christmas, only by another name.

We accept other languages, why not religion? A Frenchman isn’t wrong for wishing someone a Joyeux Noel or an Irishman for saying Nollaig Shona Dhuit. We might not understand what they are saying, yet we know they are wishing us well. We don’t have to understand every religion any more than anyone can understand every language. Even within a language there are numerous dialects. Yet each language co exists.

Our language is right for us, because it is the one we know, and are brought up with, that doesn’t mean we couldn’t learn about other languages, just like we could learn about other religions, if we chose to.

Embrace your language, traditions and religions absolutely, and allow others to do the same thing. For any message to reach the entire world population it would have to be translated into 7099 different languages or dialects. There is no one language, it might be possible that there is not one religion for everyone, either. It isn’t a case of my way is right, and everyone else is wrong. That’s perhaps why there are hundreds of religions for people to embrace. Something for everyone. Even believing that you don’t believe, would actually be it’s own belief.

For those of you saying to yourself, yes, but what about the people that do evil in the name of religion. To them I say, evil lives among us, no matter what that person’s language, religion or country of origin. Let your life become someone’s inspiration. Creating a more accepting world as we go.

This post will not be received well by everyone, and I am fine with that. It’s simply a way of looking at things. If for a moment, I have at least got you thinking, then my job for today is done.

In the spirit of this Christmas season, give the gift of yourself to those you love, and those you are yet to know.

Have a blessed Christmas, however you celebrate.

When Perfect Isn’t Perfect

By definition perfect is

entirely without any flaws, defects, or shortcomings.

Perhaps because perfection is so rare, we always seem to be on the look out for it. We as humans aren’t perfect. Is it a form of compensation for that flaw then, that many of us want to have things around us perfect.? That is a tall order my friend. If we lived alone on a desert island, we might succeed on some level. However as soon as we want perfection, of things we can not control, we are doomed to fail.

Because I was teased all my life about being short, I began, probably in my late teens or early 20’s to always sayIng that I stopped when I got perfect. That answer usually surprises people. Actually we have no control of our height. We stop when we stop.

It is our character that reaches the heights that our stature doesn’t allow us to go.

When we wait for a perfect time, a perfect place or that perfect moment does it become one of those things, that you don’t realize you have experienced until after it is gone? If we recognize perfection, how long can we hold onto it, before the moment vanishes?

When it escapes us, do we run after it, or let it go. What if imperfection was actually perfection all along? Would that free us from the torment of feeling like we are never good enough. Ah, to experience perfect imperfection . We can become masters of illusion, create an mirage, that to the outside world makes a life appear complete. We know that it is smoke and mirrors. I guess as long as someone buys our image, we will continue to sell.

In the stillness of the early hours, when we are alone with actual reality we know our truth. When we see someone that we think, has everything, before envy, or jealousy grips us… ask yourself, is it real or are they just better actors?