Me,Me, Me, Me, Me, Me, Me,

Just saying the name of this post, could, for some, sound like a pleasant vocal warmup. This however has nothing to do with singing. It’s about the people, that always put themselves first. The days of chivalry might be extinct, or close to it. In an age of equality, most people are quite alright with not holding the door for a lady, or failing to give up their seats on a busy bus. It appears to be the norm now, that youngsters remain seated, while visibly frail people are left standing.

I have witnessed first hand, people holding a door open, and then at the last minute walk away and let the door close before the person gets there. Is this some sort of twisted comic relief? If you are a healthy mobile adult, then you are truly blessed. There are a multitude of people that can not say that. The reason so many mobility shops are in business is because there is a significant portion of the population, that rely on walkers, canes, mobility scooters or wheelchairs to get around.

It isn’t some new age fashion statement, it is a necessity,. If you need to use these aids, it isn’t because you want to. There are people of all ages, that put themselves first without exception. As long as they are alright, then life is good. Yes, for them, but certainly not anyone else.

Naturally, we all try and look after ourselves and provide for our families and love ones. That is how it should be. That doesn’t mean we don’t have to consider other people though. Everyone, from the person on the street, to royalty, have feelings. We all, collectively make up mankind. Where is the compassion if we all only focus on ourselves?

No one, goes through life, without needing help from someone else at some point. Right from birth, we rely on people to care for us, until we know how to take care of ourselves. When we can stand on our own two feet, who taught us the skills to get there? It was other people Wether it is moral support from a friend during a rough day, spiritual guidance to find your own path. A mentor, sharing their knowledge, or an emotional port in the storm. We all will need each other along the way. Circumstances can change in a heartbeat. Roles can be reversed, and you could be the one in need of help.

Life is a complex blend of ups and downs… let’s look out for one another, a kind word, or gesture, could go a long way to making someone’s day better. If you already make a point of lending a helping hand, or putting yourself out there for others, may I say thank you, and keep up the good work. If you really believe that you are all you will ever need, perhaps this post might get you thinking. Next time someone needs your seat, let’s hope you will rise, and share with others less fortunate. Let’s do what we can when we can. That way we might just get a helping hand when our turn comes.

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