The Whirlwind Of Daily Living

In the whirlwind of daily living, is getting where you are going, more important, than being where you are? My sweetheart nearly got run over the other day by a driver, so intent on getting where he wanted to go, that he made a turn right in front of him. His only option was to lock the brakes of his bicycle and try and stop his natural momentum from dragging him under the vehicle. When it comes to a showdown between a bike and a vehicle the bike always looses. Thankfully, his bicycle handling abilities were such, that he avoided an almost certain collision which would have caused severe injury or potential death. If like cats, we have 9 lives, he used one up on that maneuver. The vehicle kept going, no apologies, or checking to see if he was alright. It was just as though nothing had happened.

If my husband had not been fully aware of his surroundings, he would not have been able to react, and the outcome would certainly have been quite different. Yes the driver was 100% at fault, but who would have been the one paying the price?

Just the other day, I was doing a routine crossing of a crosswalk, I had the walk signal and felt safe to cross the busy road. That didn’t stop a vehicle going at breakneck speeds running a red light, and passing inches from where I stood.

I am not talking solely about distracted driving, it’s more distracted living that has me alarmed. In the John Lennon song Beautiful Boy ( Darling Boy ) from his Double Fantasy album there is a lyric that goes

life is what happens to you, while you’re busy making other plans.

A gifted songwriter indeed. The words are so truthful. Many of us can lay claim to fantasizing about a big lotto win, or a nice tropical vacation, harmless fun really, as long as it doesn’t begin to own our thoughts.

For a moment, bring your mind into this very moment, as you are reading the words before you. Don’t concern yourself with your ever growing must do list. Feel the joy of being alive, in this moment. Settle into the richness of simply being.

If you find yourself believing that you will be happy when ….. you find true love…. get rich… or own your own home perhaps, it just might mean that you are selling yourself short. What if you didn’t have a tomorrow? would you still spend your time the same way? is it that important, that something else occupies your thoughts?

We all need to be sensible. Yes plan for your future, just don’t live in it, until it becomes the here and now. Enjoy this day and this moment. Feel the world around you. Experience being you… tomorrow will unfold soon enough. Not only will it make each moment matter, you just might avoid killing someone, simply because you weren’t paying attention.

Just think how that would change your life forever, and the lives of the people that love you. This agonizing future is preventable just by being in the moment… face it, you wouldn’t kill someone intentionally, does that change the fact that someone could be dead because of your actions? No my friend it doesn’t. Life is all about choices, don’t choose to be mindlessly attempting to do many things and achieving nothing.

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