Doing Without


We all want, what we want. That’s all about being human, after all. The narcissists among us take that to the extreme. Instantly we can all think of people that do not settle for not having it all.

How much is enough? Will we find contentment in that sparkly item in the jewelry shop window, the newest vehicle of choice perhaps. Or, can we be happy with a nice warm bed and food in the cupboard.

I can look at my cupboards and say with all authenticity, that there is nothing to eat. That simply isn’t true. I should actually say, there is nothing in my cupboards that I fancy eating. That is the reality. In all honesty, there is probably enough food for several weeks if I want to be creative.

Is it just our perceptions then, that have us believing that we have nothing? I was speaking to my mother in law the other day. Within the chat, she mentioned that she has the flu. I don’t know why I did this, but when I finished the call, I was telling my husband that his mum was feeling poorly. Then I asked him, what he thought homeless people did when they got the flu. It isn’t as though they could go to the medicine cabinet, make up a Neo Citran grab a box of Kleenex and crawl back into bed until they feel better.

There are a multitude of reasons why people become homeless. It could be shear economics, addictions, escapism, self survival, or even just a case of plain giving up.
Ask any small child , what they want to be when they grow up . Usually it’s a doctor lawyer, perhaps a ballet dancer or actress. What you won’t hear is. I want to grow up to be a homeless person,

In every nation across the planet, there are people that are without. Without adequate food, shelter, or health provisions. It is a long day, when you have nothing. You experience the full 24 hours of each day. You can’t just pass time over a fancy Starbucks coffee, or let a few hours drift by caught up in the latest episode of Dateline, or binging of a season of your favourite program on Netflix. There isn’t wifi to entertain you, unless you have a computer.

Yes there are all kinds of programs out there to help people that are less fortunate. That might be a topic for a future post. For today, I challenge you to donate something. Something that you can do without, that could help someone else. Donate a toy that your child has outgrown, the sweater that you rarely wear or some of that food you don’t fancy or perhaps household items that you can’t remember using.

The next time that you are in a store and see a buy one get one free, if you don’t need the second item, and it is non perishable thing, make someone’s day and donate it.


The day lingers,
Countless seconds trapped within my existence.
Finding my way among the frightening unknown
Shivers cling to me like a well worn coat.
Invisible solitude.

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