Caution Children Playing


When we look at things with childlike wonder, it can be a beautiful moment . Experiencing that amazement and utter joy in the simplicity of life. Children can play with all their heart. Running, jumping, skipping, it doesn’t seem to matter. The children are just being free, exploring their abilities, and learning how to play with one another.

Because children are learning about how to act appropriately with other people, they do get it wrong quite often. They might fight or grab a toy that isn’t theirs. That is forgivable, because they are only little. So as adults, we use that moment as a teaching opportunity. The little one is shown what the right thing to do is, they are told to apologize and we move on with the rest of our day. There might be consequences, a cherished toy taken away for a period of time, or perhaps an early night. At the end of the day though, the situation has passed.

Sometimes the same lesson needs to be repeated almost daily, eventually though we all learn that we must PLAY NICE. Unfortunately, even though everyone has been told the same thing either by their parents, family, school officials, or classmates, not everyone decides to confirm to socially accepted practices.

We still meet the mean ones, or the bullies from time to time even as adults. It is never a pleasant encounter, and you just want to get out of there in one piece. It took a very long time to finally realize that more often than not, the bullies are far more insecure than we give them credit for.

By and large, once we get out of school and become a young adult, we have better coping mechanisms and can stand our ground when we are backed into a corner. We also have a better sense of who we enjoy spending our time with.

The better someone knows us, the more ammunition they have to harm us. They have perfect positioning at the control panel and can push our button whenever the whim strikes. The thing is, because they love us, they don’t do that. They know what it takes, and find other ways to reach us in a kinder fashion.

Buttons can inadvertently be pushed, we still react the same way, simply because that is how we are wired. We have a better sense of forgiveness though, if the trigger was detonated by accident, rather than with malice aforethought.

As adults we clearly know what is right and wrong. It is our own moral compass that dictates which side we find ourselves on.

It might be a pack mentality thing, now that I think about it. When alone, a person might be nice and sweet and caring, yet in a pack they find it quite acceptable to be mean, say hurtful things or bully you into doing something you don’t want to do. This is wrong, in so many ways, that I could lose count.

If someone is truly a friend, then they are a friend in both your thoughts and your actions. Not just someone nice if they are in front of you. As an adult, if you want to play games, join a sports team and play to your hearts content.

Peoples emotions are not something to play with. Serious long term damage can be done to other people when you don’t value people’s emotions.

As Bob Marley once said, ”Everyone is going to hurt you, you just have to find the ones worth suffering for.” I really like that statement. I am blessed to know and love some amazing people that I would be willing to suffer for.

It is one thing to be joyful and childlike playing with toys or rolling in the grass. Then you want the Caution Children Playing signs to protect them, in order for them to savour the moment.

On the other hand, when you have to put up a caution sign because an adult thinks it is cool to act like a jerk and treat people like they don’t matter. Then that my friend is an entirely different matter. You know better.

In conclusion, we all know people that won’t play nice unless everything is their way, and done on their terms. If you are a victim of such behaviour, hold your head high, walk away from the situation, take whatever time you need to restore your sense of a positive self and embrace life.

These bullies are larger than life, because we let them be. Don’t let their poor choices define who you are. Tell a trusted friend, that will not judge you, and allow yourself to heal. The mean ones are not worthy of your kind nature.


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