Emotional GPS


We have all kinds of ways to find where we are physically, Maps, street signs, house numbers, and the Cadillac of these aids the mighty GPS. Rockets can be guided to distant planets, that we can’t even see in the sky. We are technically an advanced species.

When it comes to our emotional centre though, we are pretty much on our own. Don’t get me wrong, there are psychologist, social workers, sociologists, psychiatrists therapists etc. All doing good work, in their chosen fields.

What I am getting at, is that physically, there are people that choose not to see a doctor, for too many reasons to list, but we know, if things are bad, we get ourselves to the doctor. If it is urgent we can even be transported by medical personnel with sirens flashing and be taken care of at a local hospital.

Unless I have missed something entirely, I do not ever recall going to my DR. for an emotional wellbeing check up. In my most difficult times, I could have easily received anti depressants. Personally for me, I want to know that I am having a good day, because I am having a good day. I don’t want to question if I am only thinking I am having a good day because of medication. That is just me. Obviously, there are a large amount of people, that prefer,medication, or should I say need it.

Ask most people what they have done lately for their emotional health, and you will likely be met with silence, and that deer in the headlights look. You could literally stop people in their tracks with that question.

Face it, most healthy adults, likely take our body functions for granted. The body just is. I never for example, dwell on if my colon functions well, or if my spleen, is happily doing its thing. The main attention grabbers are, the stomach. It aches when it is not pleased. The head might pound, and old injuries can return at the most inopportune moments. Then again any pain or discomfort is never a welcome intrusion.

We have some clues that the body isn’t happy. They might begin small, and build until we actually can no longer ignore them. So the priority shifts, the situation is dealt with, and the crisis passes.

Our emotional self gives clues as well, but we are so programmed to ignore them. So,much so, that our emotional selves might as well be wrapped up in some sort of magical invisibility cloak. Perhaps that’s why we hear people say, “I felt invisible.”

The down side of mental wellbeing, is that for many, we are self diagnosing. You go through anything traumatic, which we all do at some point. Suddenly there is probably PTSD. Or you do something more than once, and it is an obsessive compulsive disorder. The next thing you know, you find yourself googling your new condition, and you take that on going forward.

Yes I took my physical being for granted probably my whole life. Now I am thinking about such things as spinal waves and fluid movement. Creating physical balance, rather than accepting the life long fact that my balance until now, was never functioning as it should.

In this day and age, so many people are checking out. Mind altering drugs are a global multi billion dollar business. Available almost anywhere. Wether it’s to reach a new high, or to experience the numbness that people search for. Drugs are never going away.

It isn’t just drugs that people turn to, when dealing , or is it running away from, our thoughts and realities, There are all kind of replacements out there. Gambling, drinking, eating, you know, what your own defence strategy is. It might even be a blend of a few things, depending on your mood.

If you aren’t doing any of those things, does that mean you aren’t’ checked out ? Look again, is your escape route, some sort of social media connection, so it is acceptable?
Is your social life, checking Facebook and everything everyone else is doing? is it just a harmless connection, or are you actually losing more than you are gaining?

Are the people around you really less important than the latest status update on a friends Facebook page? We would all probably say of coarse not and mean it. The thing is, what are our actions saying?

My internal lie detector mechanism is set, so that whenever, someone’s words, do not match their actions, it is never the actions that are the lie, it is the words. Are you believing that you are present in the moment, connected to those you love, and yet truly closing yourself off. Only you know that.

So before researching local mental health professionals, or buying the latest books on psychology, first take an inventory of your coping mechanisms. Friends….. check. Long walks …. check….. hot cup of tea or favourite beverage of your choice….. check. Don’t forget to do a mental check in. Look to see if your words and actions are harmonious.

Our best selves thrive in a harmonious balance of mental and physical wellbeing. When we continually separate the mental and physical , it is like saying , my heart is my heart, but my body is my body. Neither functions independently. It is that balance that makes us whole. Together we thrive, apart, we can never find the contentment we all search for.


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