Cause And Effect

It has been a long time since I turned my thoughts to writing a blog, yet here I am.

I was asking myself this question, Can we alter our reality, no matter how bad that reality is?

It is simple to be overwhelmed by commitments, and issues in our daily lives. We can easily loose track of how many times we hear friends, co workers or even just passing acquaintances say how no one understands, or how what they are going through, is the worse thing ever.

Are we really wanting to compete to find out who has the worse baggage to deal with? Who wants to win that argument? Not me! If someone is literally having the worse time in the world, then you have my sincere sympathy. The last thing I am looking for, is to see how I can top that.

No matter how hard things appear to be in this moment, are we going to hoard all the negativity, so that we can justify how badly we are feeling? That is just too much work for me. What would happen, if we allowed ourselves to put equal effort into being positive? Can we begin feeling better just by deciding that we want a good day?

Most of what we hold onto, that holds us back, are things in our past. Why spend our precious now, reliving what was then. Each moment is as individual as a snowflake, we can fill each moment with as much negativity as we can muster, or choose to let in joy.

Joy might be a stretch for some, if so, accept that maybe a smile is the best you can do for today. Then build from there.

Have you ever had a day that you thought was going well, until it is derailed by someone or something? it was a great day, until ….. we got the phone call that all the computers were down… until that jerk cut me off …. or it was a great day until someone else in a bad mood contaminated my space with their poor attitude..

Take for example, the being cut off scenario. You can either let it take over your thoughts and actions from that moment on, or put it into perspective, be thankful that a collision was avoided, and let it go. Is that incident, likely not more than a few seconds in real time, really going to dominate the other 23 hours and 59 minutes in your day?

In simple terms, we each effect our day by our own choices. When life feels like a tsunami of crap, don’t allow the magnitude of the tsunami to drown you. All storms pass.

Begin each day with an attitude of gratitude. Not just because it is Thanksgiving, but because even in the darkest days, we have things to be grateful for. Friends, family, a pet, or perhaps just being grateful that you made it through another day.

If you find yourself believing that today is going to be a bad day, it likely will be. So try believing that it is a good day, you just might be pleasantly surprised by the results. Wouldn’t that make a lovely change!


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