An Alternate New Years Resolution


Every year without exception, millions of us make new years resolutions. Swearing to give up some vice or another. I shall not smoke, I shall lose weight….we promise ourselves these things each year, as the new year begins. Within days however, we are white knuckling, trying to keep our self inflicted commitment to be rid of the vice, this time, forever. Or is it actually just for today? Does it even matter? Have we set ourselves up, yet again, to fail?

This is really just a form of mind control. We will control our mind, or die trying. Why? We can give up drinking, smoking, or whatever we choose, any day of the year. Does it have to be that one chosen day to begin. Have we even addressed the question we should be asking,do we really want to?

As humans, we want to succeed. So why do we create situations, that truly are a veritable mine field. So complex, that the road to success is almost guaranteed to fail. Are we just creating are own future depression? Is the feeling of failure a guarantee? Are we doomed to be a failure? Once we believe that we are a failure, it is almost impossible to shake.

Are we asking too much of ourselves ? Well that all depends, on not, what you ask for, but what you ask of yourself. If you want to climb mount Everest, you aren’t going to grab a flight, arrive at base camp and expect to go. Things don’t work that way. You need to start by conquering a few hills first.

Are we asking for what we really want, or is it something we are doing to please others? Living up to other peoples expectations is a tall order.

This year, why not be a little radical, and allow yourself the freedom to live life by your own terms.
My top 10 actions to live by daily in 2017
Appreciate the wonder of being alive

Be considerate of others,and the planet we live on

Help your fellow man, whenever, and however, you can.

Speak kindly.

Be respectful.

Brighten someones day.

Be genuine in all that you do.

Do not be a burden. Ask more of yourself than others

Be proud of all your actions, not just those you do, when you think others are watching.

Always strive to be your best you.

That is a resolution I can live by.

Happy New Year,


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