The power of willpower

More powerful than the strongest of men,
As menacing as the wrath of mother nature,
As pure as freshly fallen snow
As forgiving as unconditional love
Or the true inner warrior buried deeply within each of us.
Each of these things are the power of will.

The choice is ours alone,whether we stir up wrath, or find contentment and inner strength in all that surrounds us.

At any time, we can become toxic or free and joyful. We have the master switch. I will say that again, we have the master switch. Once we stop and ask what we want our life to look like, there would be few of us that would willing walk the hardest road. Yet we do it all the time. Finding complexities at every turn. Plot twists that would rival the greatest of novelists.

This is human nature. We each have our life’s experiences on which to draw. If all is joyful, from inside out, then savour the journey. If however, there are aspects of your life that cause struggle, wouldn’t it be freeing to know, that setting the master switch of your will, to its optimal setting for each of us , then the inner peace we all want is there for the taking.


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