It has been awhile since I last put thoughts down in a readable format. Not because of lack of interest, far from it. The routine of daily life sweeps you up and you find yourself down stream gathering your thoughts and checking back in.

Life is full of endless choices, a day starts innocently enough,deciding what to wear, a quick look at the weather prediction and the decision is made. Something cool to survive the heat,or an extra layer to protect against the wind or rain.

Simple choices as it goes,but what about the more complex ones? Lifestyle choices,usually involve deeper thought processes. Do I take a gamble and see what happens when I eat whatever I want? Or do I fight the urge for that mouth watering tantalizing treat and go with a decidedly less interesting healthier option? Am I a junk food junkie or a struggling health conscious or die trying,kind of girl? Do I sit on the fence waiting for life to make choices for me,or do I dive in and be it good or bad just experience and learn as I go? See what I mean more choices.

Even not making a decision,is in itself,making a decision now isn’t it? If you wait for life to make choices, you always have life to blame if it goes wrong I guess. On the other hand if you bravely stand up and say this is me, these are my choices and rightly or wrongly I will stand by my choices and learn both good and bad from them. That my friend is living on your own terms.

It takes a long time to get comfortable living your truth doesn’t it? A dear friend of mine often reminds me that being right doesn’t always make you popular, and the popular thing isn’t always right? She is a smart woman.

When I think about choices, It astounds me, that quite often,what appears to be an innocent choice,changes the direction of your life.

When you meet your husband, wife,soul mate, partner, or whatever name you want to give…to your significant other. Do you know in that very instant,that your life has completely changed from this one innocent encounter? Most likely you don’t have a clue,until you look back years later.

Because so much of life is random choices,you can’t really rule out much. OK for me I can happily avoid any time in jail for example and be fine with that.

What makes the difference to choose right from wrong? Can temptation steer us away from being our true best selves? Sadly yes for some people. How does the idea of robbing a bank, or killing someone, ever find it’s way into a person’s thoughts? Yet you hear reports all the time of rapists ,murderers, people committing sex crimes. Did they not begin life exactly like you and I,a blank slate upon which to write the wisdoms of our collective experiences? What happened along the way?

Some ideas start off innocently enough, NO I am not drunk,I’ll be fine to drive….. Let’s see how fast this new car can really go… I dare you to jump from this rock into the fast running water below. What’s wrong,are you chicken to try the latest and greatest drug concoction of choice. Those gang members look friendly enough, they say they are my true family.

Is it any wonder that the world seems an isolating scary space at times? At the end of the day you might get talked into a few bad decisions and still be able to say that you lived to tell the tale,while others just aren’t that lucky. The dive from the rocks resulted in paralysis.while the first hit of heroin left you on a solitary life’s journey to forsake everything for the next fix.

We all want to say that come what the end of the day,our friends or family will see us through it. I am sure there are a lot of people waiting in care homes convinced there son or daughter,childhood friend or neighbour will surely be in today. Only to see another visitor free day go by.

This is actually not a negative piece. All i’m saying is life can be a bit of a mine field. That good looking guy,is actually an adulterer. That nerdy guy you don’t give another thought to,goes on to write books that change the way people think… Or becomes a nobel prize winning scientist…. What looks good isn’t always good while the things that look bad aren’t always bad.

Life is a series of millions of random choices along the way. Who we let into our hearts and who we hold an arm length away. Who you would be willing to go to the ends of the earth for,and who you walk past at a time of need.

By all means live your choices, but remember much like a convex mirror, the image you may be seeing may not be the whole picture.

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