The use of time


Do you ever feel that one day looks like the next ? Time does not stand still. Wether we choose to spend our time wisely or not,it just continues to move forward.

We can spend our time lamenting about life’s struggles, watching mindless television,or being mesmerized by either a game on the computer,or something we simply NEED to know on line. There will not be many of us,that don’t fill in time watching programs on the television that we get nothing from.

We hear everywhere,that we are more in touch than we have ever been. There are too many web sites dedicated to being in touch than probably any of us can mention by name.

Are we searching to be “in touch” because we are missing something in our own lives I wonder. The more we seem to be “in touch” the less it appears we are in fact ” in touch” at all. At least,as it relates to the people in our own lives.

There are people that are only comfortable in an electronic environment. They might have hundreds of so called friends on a web site and yet do not know how to communicate with people face to face.

Are we as a society loosing the art of conversation? Email,text etc gets the job done. If the job is changing appointments or arranging to meet perhaps. It might have the opposite effect though if it is used to avoid having to see people face to face.

Before the internet if you wanted to ask someone something you would phone, or better still you would go over and see them. Yes people are on the phone non stop these days,but do they visit?

People, spend hours emailing back and forth, each perhaps just sitting after a long day checking the computer in there living room or office space. How about in front of the TV even? It has gotten to the point where in some cases people are emailing each other in the same room. Think about that for a moment …..

Are you in the moment that you are experiencing???? Or are you listening for the ping of a new message? If you are living primarily in your electronic world, then periodically pull yourself away from the magnet that seems to connect you. Put down the devise, turn off the TV and just start a conversation. Go for a walk with a friend, that way you are exercising your body at the same time. It may not be easy at first. It will however get a whole lot better over time, the more you do it.

Make an arrangement to meet a friend. It can be anything really as long as you are connecting with people. If that is too radical a thought at this point in your life, then I suggest starting with communicating with nature and work from there. Be in the moment, feel being part of something. Silence the thoughts about what you think you should be doing, and just fully do what it is you are doing right now.

If you are anything like me, your email has become full of unsolicited promotions from companies wanting your business. Does it really warrant the time it takes to go through them all, after all it is time I will never get back. So in my old age will I remember that all my emails were answered or that I gave myself a full life by connecting with people and enjoying the moment.

How you spend your time is your choice. If however this was one of your last days with someone,would the electronic world still be a priority? We always seem to believe that people we love will be there forever until they are gone. I can always get another computer but people they are all one of a kind. Like a delightful box of your favourite chocolates,there are so many good ones to enjoy

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