Awaiting Perfection

There are more things that await perfection than we would probably care to admit. The karma has to be just right before the promised changes are made. Everything from going on a diet,stopping smoking, giving up alcohol, leaving a relationship when all efforts to give it life support have failed, or for that matter changing jobs.

Some of our best moves in life were most likely a combination of a leap of faith,cucumstances, or for that matter divine intervention. How many times have you yourself said, or heard a friend say that they will start a diet on Monday or quit smoking once the holiday is over. The day comes and much like the proverbial goal posts the conditions have been changed under which the challenge commences. Is this because it is just too much work? Or did you like hearing yourself say you would do something while comfortably knowing the chances of actually doing it were as likely as spotting an extinct animal coming towards you.

What I find, is that when that method of declared pending change is utilized you actually do more of what you plan to give up. The last hurrah! The alleged final piece of pie,finishing the carton of cigarettes or the extra cocktail with dinner. So are we actually wanting to give ourselves permission to over indulge in our own vices?

Change does need an element of planning.Using my own health improvement journey as an example. I had to decide to take charge. Be prepared for possible failure,but limit any true risk of that happening. So I began by removing obstacles or even perceived obstacles. I didn’t allow myself time to talk myself out of it. There was no end goal. This was actually more important than I thought. You might ask why was there no end goal when clearly if my health improved that was an obtained goal. The answer to that is yes and no. Yes good health was and is a worthwhile goal for all of us. No because when a goal is achieved it is completed. As humans we mentally or physically move on. Lifestyle changes need to be forever without conditIons or convenient u turn routes that we use to escape.

Now is this too much work to have us running and hiding before we begin? How many years does it take of saying someday i’ll do… or someday i’ll be.. for us to say enough talk, it’s time for action. It’s comfortable living in a familiar fantasy world isn’t it? There is a song whose lyrics go …someday never comes…. how true. When we are honest with ourselves whenever we finally go from just thinking to doing more often than not we can be heard saying “I didn’t think it would actually ever happen.”There we have it ladies and gentleman. It is worth repeating ” I never thought it would ever happen” was that some self fulfilling prophecy?

What if everyone just thought great ideas and did nothing? That great dream you had to change the world in your teens or early 20’s got swept away by the routine of day to day living. Do you want to be 90 and thinking if only… Some of the great motivators of our time are just ordinary people they just had a dream that wasn’t allowed to just remain in the comfortable fantasy of our mind. Take a peak outside the cocoon of wishes. Let your discomfort harmonize with the vision. Empower yourself to explore the transition from wishes to achieving. Gather friends for support if need be. Isn’t it time to make a differance? Wether it’s in yourself as a person or for a greater good. Let worthwhile changes become a part of our culture rather than waiting for the unpleasant changes we see all around us to become our legacy.

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