What if your greatest success ,was the ability to stand in the way of your own success?

Is that just a crazy thought or could I be on to something? Personally I think I might be on to something. This is more than a tale of “yes buts” let me ask each of you this question. Have you ever had an occasion where you find yourself talking your way out,of something that would really be good for you? Another example with a similar premise would be when things are going well within a relationship and almost without warning you get inside your head sabotage the whole thing and stand back to watch the destructive implosion. Is it a latent fascination with pyrotechnics?

What is it that drives us to put ourselves in such a predicament I wonder? Is it a misguided belief that we are not worthy of true happiness? Some sort of martyr complex perhaps.

Could this even be a springboard to deflect responsibility for our choices ? At the end of the day we can always be soft on ourselves. That is likely the easiest option ,a soft landing for life’s perceived obsticles. If we are true to ourselves it’s life’s built in safety net, sometimes though we have to set aside our fears, strap on the climbing gear and inch by inch climb out of the hole we have descended into.

There comes times in every individuals life, where we just have to dig deeper than we ever imagined possible. Sometimes it is a case of mental calisthenics ,a physical onslaught or heaven forbid the dreaded mixture of both. In cases such as this it is never totally about someone else. It inevitably finds itself coming back to the reflection in the mirror. Who truly is that face staring back?

When I began my journey a person would only need to look at me to know I physically had challenges. Mentally though I was comfortable with who I was / am. It might surprise you then, to discover that although I focused on my physical wellbeing almost exclusively, my mind was put into a self clean cycle as well.

The body, mind, and spirit all appear to have their own built in first aid kit. Our own bodies just seem to instinctively know how to heal if we just don’t get in our own way.

So here I am inside my mind brushing off the cobwebs and piles of dust I had accumulated unknowingly . There is only a one way route to our better selves. So gather up the tools you need we are going in for an archeological dig. Be prepared to get to every nook and cranny let the work to our best selves begin. No excuses…. We all have them this is not the currency with which we want to deal with going forward.

Does anyone have any ideas of what tools are needed and what the path ahead looks like? We all want to be fit, focused and fabulous so together lets help each other be just that. Let the dialogue begin….

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