In life we meet every kind of person. Although we might get along with a large percentage of personality types. Invariably though from time to time, we encounter someone with whom we have fundamental differences. Nowhere is it written that everyone has to like us and that we have to like everybody. At best we have to treat all people respectably.

You hear more often than people realize, the phrase ” I hate him, or I hate her.” Sometimes it’s about people we haven’t even met, a public figure perhaps, who’s views differ from ours. Hate is a strong word, however for some reason that is the word we choose to convey.

When we encounter someone we really dislike, we can choose to walk away or prepare for battle. Walking away is not a sign of weakness. It truly is a sign of great strength. You are giving yourself permission to not engage. It stops you from being dragged into a messy situation. Is it an easy choice? Not necessarily, it varies depending on the situation. What it does do is that It takes away the other persons ability to get inside your head.

Once someone is in your head, then the battle within yourself is often too much to take. The more time the thoughts remain in your head the more toxic they have a chance of becoming. It becomes an internal attack.As if by remote control little explosions go off even when you are just retelling the story.

Over time the damage can be shocking. If your body and mind are truly one, then the poisonous thoughts can only escape through some sort of physical or mental torture. I find it much kinder on myself to remove myself from triggers as soon as I recognize then. This one action helps me stay calmer, more focused on what is good for me, and finally allows me to be in a mindset that is a positive one.

Give yourself the gift of positivity. If you have been drawn into a situation that has made you weary allow yourself to let it go. No one wins by reliving the actions that have taken away far more than we possibly can even comprehend. Allow yourself the freedom to take in all that is good rather than feeding off of negativity. It is best to surround ourselves with everything that gives us joy. We can then let the inner joy radiate.


You might read this title and think inner voices are reserved for people with psychological issues. We aren’t all crazy though,and yet I believe that we each have an inner voice.

Is it a good versus bad kind of thing? For me it’s not that simple. The ideas that come to us in the moment can be good or bad. It is up to us to decide wether to take action.

Sometimes you might find it is just a pleasant thought that moves you to embrace the idea and run with it. How many times do we say to ourselves though ” I knew it was a bad idea and did it anyway.” Where is the sense in that? One would think if we knew something was going to be bad, we would run a mile in the opposite direction. Why don’t we do that then? Like a moth to the flame we are drawn in. It could be to test if we can get away with something. On the other hand perhaps, it could be as simple as letting our wilder side go.

It might just be me, but I have noticed that the more out of character an idea is the more it wants to take hold. Fortunately they aren’t all like that. This causes an internal pull, like a magnet. Even if you give the idea a great deal of thought it seems to me it is just a check list that unlocks the reasons to justify doing it.

Most of these ideas could be quite harmless. just a whimsical flight of fancy, there are however occasions when that just isn’t so. You end up hurting yourself and those that love you.

When you unconditionally love someone, you can’t help but be drawn into what is happening in their world. So yes it is our life and we can do what we want. The thing is it might be our life but it intersects with the lives of those around us. Like a bumper car at an amusement park, you can’t just collide with someone else’s life and not expect to be pushed back. For every action there is a reaction. So stay in your lane. Do the best you can to not be tangled up in someone else’s life choices . Be the support that makes someone strong, not the cause of the explosion that tares someone’s world apart.