On Loan

Everyone in our lives is just on loan to us. They are a gift to be treasured. We do not have a right to put our expectations onto other people and yet it happens so easily doesn’t it?
Other people enrich us in so many ways. When friends get together they nourish our soul. It’s not what they do that draws us to them, it is who they are.

Other people don’t have to spend their time with us or reach out when we need someone. It is their choice, for which I am eternally thankful.

People also go when we might not be ready to let them move on. It is the story of life and our relationships with the billions of other people on the planet all trying to find themselves, their purpose and passion within their life.

To everything there is a season, try not to look forward in anticipation or behind with regret or sorrow. Allow yourself to be in the season of NOW.

Realize that this very moment in time never comes again. You might have similar moments but not this very second ever again. So fill your time, not with harsh words or negativity, but wth lightness and love.

Find contentment from within. It can not be bought or bartered for. It isn’t hidden in plain sight. It is found in a multitude of moments joined in harmony.

When I describe the relationship I have with my husband, I say that we are intertwinkled. ( inter twinkled ) Entwined relates in my eyes to being bound together. For most people they are happy with that, for us intertwinkled is cosmically coming together between people ,not because they are bound by faith perhaps, or a marriage vow but because there is no other place in the world they would rather be than with their loved one to support and comfort for eternity.

These may appear to be random thoughts strung together. I like to think of them however as just some of the pearls of truth that makes living magical.

A Matter Of Approval

When we are young we want parental approval. As a teenager or young adult the focus shifts to peer acceptance. In adulthood it likely is bosses or spouses that we turn to,in order to fill the required daily dose of approval. So from an early age, we want someone to approve of what we are doing or who we are.

When we don’t get the approval from the person we want the approval from, it seems to me,that for some reason beyond my comprehension that persons approval seems to become the only one that matters.

I have seen people contort in ways previously unimaginable. So much so that it would make a skilled acrobat envious, in order to obtain the coveted endorsement that they are seeking. Sadly it is my observation, that the harder they try the more unlikely they are to get what they long for. When rejected, the blow to the persons self worth seems absolute.

Subconsciously we give away power to people that we are rarely aware of. If 10 people genuinely tell you that you are great, why does the one person that does not agree have us believing that their opinion is the only one that matters? I’ll tell you why. It is because we let them.

Seeking outward approval is a hollow exercise. At the end of the day it is the inner approval that will give you the peace and acceptance you crave.
Our actions need to have a pure intent from within in order for our personal approval to be genuine. We can’t just do anything we want as long as we tell ourselves it’s OK. There would be chaos in the streets if we all paid attention to only our own wishes.

We probably all know people that have transformed themselves to almost an unrecognizable state to fit in. It rarely works because the end product does not correspond with our core selves.

If you find yourself quietly turning down the noise of everyone else’s opinions you just might find that you are a happier more powerful you .Don’t change a thing until such time as you and only you want to make the change.