Love is all around

Just having had Valentine’s day,turns our thoughts to LOVE. Yes we need oxygen, food and water to survive,but we don’t get too far without love. The take our breath away, giddy kind of love,is just the ignition switch. It’s what gets us to think about someone other than ourselves. It lets us let someone else in. Like the rocket launchers on a space flight,it gets us into orbit and then comes back down to earth. Now what!!! Where is that exhilaration?

If you let your mind wander back to when you fell in love, at the very beginning, you didn’t really think about much else,did you? If that was allowed to continue for years at a time,the world would come to a stand still. We would all be either with our loved ones or talking about them.

As the after burners fall away, the relationship either dies a natural death,or begins the slow process of evolving. This is a real transition. You come out of the love fog and start developing as a couple. There is more give and take. You have establish a comfortable awareness. You recognize the flaws as well as the strength of one another.

One of the wonderful things you discover, after the love fog dissipates,is that together when both partners are equally committed to the relationship,your strengths become almost super human in nature. The strengths you came into the relationship with help both of you, while the flaws are often softened. They tap into your life experiences for knowledge, and visa versa.

Over time, this weaving of the love of two people makes you rock solid. That might not give you fireworks,but it certainly makes you more content. Don’t get me wrong, I am all for flowers and chocolates and romantic gestures. The thing is,to go the distance we need substance. Fluff does not hold someone up,or get you through the trials we all face as we go about our day,taking on the challenges of life.

If love was a wonderful freshly baked pie, it would only be as good as the ingredients you put into it. If you see a happily married couple that have been together forever,everyone wants to know their secret to relationship success. There really isn’t a secret at all. All relationships get tested, it’s what you do when that happens that ultimately defines the result. Respect one another, treat each other as you wish to be treated. Value each other as the people you are, and when you say I love you mean it with all your heart.

One thought on “Love is all around

  1. Remember to appreciate that special love every day because when it is gone you will never be able to replace it. You don’t ever want to be the one asking yourself did they know how I felt instead give yourself the huge comfort of knowing that they knew for sure.


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