Award Season

It seems whenever I get ready lately to just sit back and enjoy some television program,I see on the guide some award show is being telecast.The Golden Globes,Country Music and Peoples choice awards to name a few of them. It seems the entertainment industry as a whole, just love to give out awards. There is probably even an award for the best award show.Now that might be taking things too far. The world of athletics is another award oriented society. I crack up when I see people in their 30’s receiving a life time achievement award. Are they planning on stopping achieving now they already have the award I often find myself wondering.

If I was going to give out my own awards,I would most likely find an award worthy trait in everyone I love and care about. There could be Best Husband,well there can only be one nominee. Best Friend ,Best Cheerleader,there would be something for everyone. That doesn’t,in my eyes make them less credible. The reason there could be many categories is that so many people in my life would be worthy of nominations.

I am fairly confident when I say,I believe the award winners in my life know exactly who they are.What I am focusing on in this post however, is the other side of the coin. I can count on one hand the awards I have won. Lets see, I came in 3rd in a national poetry recital competition when I was 6 or 7. I got a religion award around grade 6. Honourable mention for an english award a couple of times,and finally an award of excellence from work. I would need a very small trophy cabinet.

If we each gave out our own awards however,how many nominations from people we have met,could we hope to receive? Sometimes it would be nice if life was all about us. The truth is,if everyone’s life was all about them,then nothing would ever be done. No one would help anyone else and chaos would ensue.Thinking not of ourselves but what we do for other people, changes the focus dramatically. Have I gone the extra mile when it counted for someone? Do I keep my word? Have I made life a little easier for someone else? It doesn’t need to be dramatic gestures to make a difference.

When I think about total wellness of the body,mind,and spirit there is a very large component comprised of giving back without expectation. It doesn’t need to be structured volunteering. It could be just as meaningful to pick up groceries for an ailing neighbour. Look after a friends dog,or bake a pie to say thank you. Helping a complete stranger that might be lost,may be something that took you hardly more than a moment, yet is remembered by the lost individual for years to come. Paying goodness forward.

Try and make this an award worthy day. You may not have a shiny new trophy to gaze at,but you feel pretty darn good.

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