Chinese New Year

How is your New Years resolution going? Are you proudly displaying your thinner self,or still managing to avoid those cigarettes? Is your resolution long forgotten? Was it a 5 minute wonder? If so you are not alone. If you are someone that would like to try again there is always Chinese New Year. A perfect opportunity to have a do over.

We would all like to make improvements of some kind to ourselves. I am not talking about going under the knife. That is more often than not cosmetic. I am talking about improvements to ourselves as a person. Now I think about it though,the knife route might be easier than facilitating inner change. It is usually less work on our part for sure. One,you get to show up and someone else does the work,while the other one,you not only have to show up,but you have to do the work. There isn’t even someone else we can blame if we fail at the end of it all.

Is the new year,the only time we take the time necessary, to draw up an improvement action plan? If we truly want to make a change we will do. For me it was a Monday in August. At the time it had no significance. It wasn’t my birthday or an anniversary of some sort. Have you ever noticed that we rarely realize the significance of a day at the time? It is only when we look back,that we see what a monumental life moment it truly was. The point I am making is this, any day can be the beginning of an improved you. Perhaps we should change the phrase from a new years resolution,to a new day’s resolution. To me, it may be a more appropriate title.

If you only make a light hearted attempt at improvement once or twice a year, you might end up asking yourself at some point if you really want to make the change in the first place. A new year,be it Chinese or otherwise is only a date on a calendar. An anniversary of a completed trip around the sun. If this is the only date where change matters, you short change all the other days of the year that could prove to be life improving. Don’t miss out.

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