Would we read the instruction manual ?


There are many comedians throughout the world, that make a good living joking about human behaviour. No matter what language we speak or our cultural heritage,how we humans behave, can be down right funny.

Just like the old joke about men never asking for directions. They go miles out of their way rather than asking for help. Thank heavens there is gps these days. As long as they are willing to use it, that is,problem solved.

Equally as popular a subject ,would be building things without instructions. Oh there are instructions in the box,but clearly there is little to no reason to refer to them. I have read many instructions in my day, only to be scratching my head at the end of it, wondering if perhaps reading the Japanese version would somehow make more sense, even though I know absolutely no Japanese.

Men take most of the blame for this trait,when actually both genders do fall victim to not reading instructions more often than you would ever hear us admit to.

Back in the dark ages,before the invention of the internet there was such a thing as an encyclopedia. Revised each year, it was a group of hardcover books,that alphabetically listed key bits of information on a variety of subjects.Everything from geography to science, to little known facts, could be found within these pages. It had a little bit of knowledge about a lot of things .undoubtedly it was the point of reference for it’s time.

Modern times finds us scrolling through multiple websites on the computer to have our thirst for knowledge quenched. Even with the seemingly endless terabytes of information available on any subject imaginable. There is yet to be created, a human in depth owners manual. Each individual is it’s own unique model,so even if one was written, it could only at best, be generalities. We are all different,yet physically only 1 of 2 species male or female. That leaves billions of people muddling through life with no instruction book.

Imagine for a moment ,that such a book existed. There would be some people that might read it cover to cover.memorizing every chapter and verse. Could our brains even take it all in? The avid reader would plough through the pages in record time. I am just going to put it out there, that I believe,even with the best of intentions,the biggest majority of us would either read only the pertinent parts pertaining to a current situation or not even read it at all. In that case would it be because we are too busy enjoying life to stop and read it? Maybe it’s simply burying our head in the sand. Ignorance is bliss and all that. As for me I would read the book, take in what I could of it. Be somewhat overwhelmed by it. Then I would put the manual on the bookshelf where I know I could find it for future reference . It would likely sit there collecting dust. Until one rainy day by the fire, I would sit with my cup of tea,reading it again from the beginning. Spending time taking in the bits I had not absorbed the last time. There is one slight problem with this picture. I would read it, except for one small fact, no manual exists.if you came with an instruction manual would you read it or just hope for the best? Would you let other people read the book, or would you keep the contents secret. It’s all food for thought for today.

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