Mental Health Day

With the help of social media,we can find out instantly what our friend has decided to wear or what’s cooking down the street for dinner, I might not need to know that,however it is there in my inbox,life as it happens.Does this mean we are connected more than ever with the world around us? Yes we might be connected electronically but as far as mentally,that could very well be something else entirely.

Today is Bell’s mental health day. What a fabulous gift to society, to open the dialogue about the state of our mental health. We all know someone or have first hand experience of calling in sick to work because we need a mental health day. The stresses of everyday life just get overwhelming. So we take time to decompress. Or we called in because we would rather be doing anything else on the planet than what we do to make a living.

With everyone talking or texting more than ever we talk about everything under the sun. At least you would think so. I would guess that one of the last things we would dream of talking about is mental health. Out of sight,out of mind. We think nothing of seeing a doctor about everything from ingrown nails to bad breath. We put the brakes on though when it is even suggested that we may not be coping. We focus on physical wellbeing and then often ignore mental wellbeing altogether. Is this because it is dangerously close to our own personal pilot lights I wonder?

The more mental health remains buried in the closet the more damage it is causing. Not just in this very moment but long term as well. Seeing a professional counsellor, psychologist or psychiatrist shouldn’t be taboo . It is just adding another healthcare professional to your wellness team. I say BRAVO for bringing them into your life.

No one seeks out help without first discovering there is a problem. If you have discovered that you need help, hats off to you for great detective work identifying that an issue exists.

Mental health is not just something to be left for the professionals alone. It takes everyone as the family of humanity to allow those dealing with issues of the mind to feel safe talking about it. By talking about it you just might discover that knowing what your friend is wearing isn’t nearly as important as knowing your friend feels accepted and can turn to you when the need arises.

2 thoughts on “Mental Health Day

    • The other post will come soon. My guess is Friday or Saturday It was important to acknowledge mental health today. Our niece the radio host and her husband were on CTV Vancouver tonight talking about their own mental health issues and coping with Thomas’ autism and severe hearing loss.


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