Who has perfect health ?

Who has perfect health?

When we look at a toddler we see probably the most pristine picture of perfect health we are likely to find. They truly are a clean slate upon which they write their own story. 10 tiny fingers and toes, wriggling at will as they play.

As we explore the world as a child we often get into things that we have no idea will cause us problems. Emergency rooms worldwide, are full of youngsters with scrapes, or broken bones from just moving. We certainly haven’t learned at this point to sit still. We seem programmed to continually go, like the energizer bunny ,stopping only long enough to charge the battery and then go again.

As we age ,we might do the exact opposite and only sit. This too puts us back at the emergency room. This time with problems developed because we aren’t doing enough. The balance point between the two may be more along the lines of good but not perfect overall health.

How many times do we hear people say they can’t do something because they have a previously broken bone or ailment that won’t let them do what they are trying to do. Wether it’s from a sports injury, accident, or just moving incorrectly we all have health issues of some kind or another.

With surgery ,physiotherapy or something else entirely, we fight our way back to better health. I am going to suggest that most of us at that point, go back to life as we know it. We have survived the ordeal and are now back to life as we perceive it should be.

We go about our everyday lives ,not giving the injury another thought. Until the day comes that we suddenly can’t do something and wonder why that could possibly be. We get ourselves down to the Doctor’s office. When they refer back to the chart in front of them we are almost surprised to be reminded that the wrist injury is related to the car crash we had on vacation years ago, or some such thing.

We leave tell tale signs of our misadventures almost like a breadcrumb trail. We become the sum of our injuries. Our war wounds. So can we claim PERFECT HEALTH.

I was at my Doctor’s office recently, and I found myself thinking that, after all I have been through, do I even have the right to complain about any other ailments? If the latest affliction is not life threatening should I just be happy and learn to live with it? Knowing what I know now, am I as willing to accept the phrase that there is nothing we can do ,we don’t know what is causing the problems? If I had questioned that years ago would things have been the same for me or something entirely different. I shall never know.

We might all want perfect health ,but few people will have that for their entire lives. Going through school we always strive for the best grade. Sometimes we may miss A + by a percent or two. Sometimes it seems the best we can strive for is a strong B. With health, strive to be a high achiever but know your limitations. If you find yourself in the strong B category be proud of the work it took to achieve the B accept the outcome with grace and hold your head high. It may not be perfect health by definition but it feels pretty darn good none the less.

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