The greatest wealth is our health

We have probably all heard the phrase You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone. What most of us fear loosing the most is our health. I question, if I lost my mind,would I know? I rather hope not. It would be far more frightening to have moments of being totally in control and know bit by bit my world was being robbed from me.

Watching someone tumble into the world of prescribed or illegal drug dependancy,along with endless doctor appointments is like watching an accident unfold in slow motion. You want to warn those you love,but you can only be a spectator.

That is the trouble,we can only be a spectator in everyone else’s life except our own. Sure we can have front row seats, to someone else’s life story. We may even be an advisor to one or two people along the way. We might get a guest starring role perhaps if we are blessed. At the end of the day the life for which we take the blame and credit in equal measure is our own.

When life goes according to plan we are pleased,more in control. Things are as they should be. What happens when it goes really sideways though. It is frightening to hear people give you news you are not mentally prepared to handle.

As you find influential medical professionals weighing in on your condition, you are riveted to their every word. You haven’t received their education,so they clearly know more than you do,right? When they say something you like,you want to believe them. If it is something you don’t like,you can almost hear your brain shutdown into self preservation mode.

Things that are genetic are your key ingredients that you begin your life with. Everything else is flavouring and decoration. When the genetic ingredients cause a predisposition to certain illnesses. It doesn”t make it any better to hear. It serves only to give you an explaination. It helps answer the all important question, I am this way because….

Genetic causes of bad health is only one component. What about environmental causes, or heaven forbid what if it is our own poor choices that have landed us at the mercy of the medical profession.

If given a choice we would all unanimously choose good health over illness, am I right? Why then do we as humans continue to knowingly make poor health choices and then want the medical community to put us back together.

I think the first time I was aware of that concept was when I as a young child would see people smoke. I fortunately have never been a smoker. I could not wrap my head around seeing people coughing and wheezing as they would take in their first nicotine enhanced breath. With the lungs fighting off the intruder they endured dizziness and nausea all in an attempt to say they smoked. Wether it was to lose weight or just look cool , the demon was invited in to take up residence. It is an individuals right to smoke, I get that, if it was so great though ,why do millions of people spend their lives trying to kick the habit.

I am proud of those that have fought and won the battle to quit smoking,alcohol,or drug addiction any personal demon in fact. As well as being proud of those that don’t give up on trying to give things up.

The war to get our health back is truly that, a war, complete with enemies and allies. If you can identify the enemy, and form strategic alliances with the good guys, you stand a chance of coming out the other side maybe a little bruised and shaken,but alive,victorious and ready to take on any other of life’s challenges.

A word of caution, when looking for signs of the enemy,one place people rarely look at,is at themselves. We may be hands down our own biggest enemy masquerading as the head cheerleader.

One thing though is certain, the price of ill health, emotionally, physically and yes even monetarily, is astronomical. Don’t give yourself that burden. Make as many positive lifestyle choices as you can. It’s your life to lose.

3 thoughts on “The greatest wealth is our health

  1. I think there is a lot of “stuff” behind our lifestyle choices that we don’t have a clue about because we either don’t want to know or we don’t take the time to look at. Most people’s motto seems to be sooth the pain, do what ever it takes to make me feel better this instant and I will deal with the habit later. I don’t think they want to deal with the issue and the habit won’t change until they do the work of discovering what pain is behind it. At best they will change it for another habit. After all who wants to dive into their emotional pain but the only way past it is through it, I always say. As for me, I’m looking for the next issue to try and get through, sheesh, will they ever end? 😳


  2. This is a superb essay! Well done. The only person we can change is our self. We can always hold another up in prayer; that is never wasted, when we see them ‘tumbling’. I wish, especially as I look at the smoking lines on my face, I had never smoked. How stupid! When Sean was in Grade 7 he brought home a Socials project from school. The assignment was to ask parents why they started smoking. He shared the results which came in and the vast majority of we morons stated because ‘it was the cool thing to do and all the others were doing it’. I’m so thankful neither he nor his sisters took up the habit. Even one of my very respected and loved teachers saying “Every cigarette is another nail in your coffin” didn’t register and went in one ear and out the other.
    You wrote about us assuming those in the medical profession know better than we do. I heard a statistic recently that 2,200 people in the US die from the wrong medication every week. As you have said, we are responsible for what we do to ourselves, put in ourselves and I guess doing research ourselves always helps too. Love you, Val


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