Mood Music

Music has the singular ability to bring us to tears,send shivers down our spine,or transfer us to another place and time entirely. Wether it’s listening to centuries old masters such as Mozart or Strauss. Led Zeppelin’s iconic Stairway To Heaven. classic Beatles,or more modern favourites like Taylor Swift and Adele. It is all a matter of personal preference.

When was the last time a song came on the radio or your MP3 that made you want to just move from your very inside out? For that instant, a phantom toe tap appears out of nowhere. Inexplicably taking control.

These same random arrangements of musical notes can remind us of our first love,a summer vacation or someone we have cherished and lost, Perhaps even all three. How can that be? One minute we are not thinking about anything in particular and then the next,all we can think about is our 15 year old selves at the school dance,being the best wallflower anyone has ever not seen.

Music written in the 1800 can be relevant to todays listener even though the composer knew nothing about computers,or such a thing as twitter and social media.

Growing up I was introduced to many styles of music. Classical,big band,musical theatre,classic rock and even songs of the Scottish highlands and marches of John Phillip Sousa were commonly played in our home.

You don’t have to love everything that is created musically, to understand how without effort,the right notes at the right time can make us one with the music. The effect is unlike anything I have ever known.

When I look at the musical score that would be the soundtrack of my life,for the most part, I cater my musical taste for the day ahead. If I want to be tranquil I might go with quiet reflective songs perhaps. If a gym adventure is in my future I might switch to something lively to get my body moving.

If you are sitting around listening to sad songs wondering why you are feeling down, may I suggest changing the song to something closer to the mood you want to be in. Give yourselves a few songs and you just might find yourself having the kind of day you wanted all along.

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