The cost of eating better

When I look at the current price of our fruit and vegetables,  I have an overwhelming urge to scream. You can literally buy enough pasta and garlic bread to feed an entire family for less than the cost of a small cauliflower. What has the world come to!

There are  hundreds of options filling the aisles of our local grocery shops to lure us into the culture of premade edibles. Take home, eat, and serve. If it came with a waiter and clean up staff , it would be a little slice of what many of us refer to as heaven.

A couple of years ago now , for health reasons,  I began reading the labels of the foods we were purchasing. What an education that was. I wish I was joking when I said the first time I did that,  it took over 90 minutes to do our basic weekly shopping. To this day I don’t know what a lot of the ingredients are , even after I have read them. Here I was obliviously indulging in all sorts of foods not even knowing what I was putting in my body.

Over the past 18 months, my body and I have gotten reaquainted. Do I still want some of the old comfort foods ? Heck yes, I am reading labels I haven’t become a superhero. Over the last few weeks I have adopted a more easily managaeable approach. IF IT HAS A LABEL THEN THAT IS A WARNING.

This brings me to the produce department. You don’t find warning labels on fruit and vegetables. The only thing you might get is a label saying organic. No further reading required. Fortunately I love almost all fruits and vegetables.

As I fill the basket with natures goodness, I find myself paying some hefty grocery bills. From time to time, I think to myself,should I cut back? It’s funny how we can justify the cost of a good cup of tea and a treat but question the cost of a kilo of delicious apples.

It comes to a matter of personal choice. I find myself somewhere firmly in the middle of the fast food epidemic, and consistently eating well. Each day I find myself nudging towards the good side with a little back stepping from time to time.

What keeps me focused most of all,is knowing what it felt like having fallen into the rabbit warren of ill health. How dangerous it is to spend time there.
I would imagine it would be similar to waiting for search and rescue at the top of a mountain in a snow storm. Not everyone has the training to rescue you.

When you have had someone that was willing to travel down the rabbit warren, rescue you, dust you off, then hand you back your life, You find yourself label free among the produce. I might not stock up on cauliflower but I will find lots of natures bounty to fill the grocery bags.

2 thoughts on “The cost of eating better

  1. I am sure a lot of people are struggling with the cost of groceries. We just have to do the best we can with what we can afford and make as many natural choices as possible.


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