The view from the fence.

Many of us perch on the fence, from time to time. We are safely out of the way and can get an unobstructed view of those around us , going about their daily lives. What’s not to like about that? If we are using the fence as just a spot to rest and gather our thoughts it can be quite pleasant.

If however, we are using the fence as a way to avoid making choices, or difficult decisions , the view might not be as good as we lead ourselves to believe. In nature, fence tops are customarily reserved for birds to gather or squirrels to scurry across happily gathering nuts.

For people, the fence is not meant to provide long term rest. We run the ever present risk of falling asleep and the real danger of falling off. The longer we remain there fence stradling, the more we allow ourselves to be limited to that narrow ledge. Pacing back and forth , is our only alternative to just sitting there lifeless.

It is not until we remove ourselves from the fence ,that we can experience the banquet that is life, as we wish to live it. With all it’s colour and richness. The most common reason I have heard for remaining on the fence, is that we don’t want to make a mistake or look foolish. This is valid. The thing is , there is not a person alive that makes all the right decisions in everything they do. It CAN’T BE DONE.

When I make mistakes, i am reminded of something my parents would say to me when I was a young girl ” life’s mistakes are all character building” As it happens, I have been told by many people ,that I am quite a character. Does that mean I can avoid making future mistakes? I might be able to make more educated choices in the future, but to escape mistakes entirely isn’t going to happen.

The best we can hope for is a good safety net of friends and family , failing that,  perhaps a sturdy helmet ,should we find ourselves a little the worse for wear from our mistakes.

Something you might not have allowed yourself to consider though , is this. When you bravely think things through and make a choice YOU COULD BE GETTING IT RIGHT. How exhilarating is that !!! Bring out the marching band, you are far, far , above the fence you comfortably sat on. You are on cloud nine. You feel like all the superheroes rolled into one . There is no feeling like it.

Dare yourself to dream. Your true friends and loved ones are there, ready to hold the net or act as parade marshall. It’s your call.

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