Is the way it is now,the way you want it to be

A few years back now, there was  one bedroom in our home that was extremely cold in the winter and hot in the summer . The winter chill used to cause havoc with my pain. I couldn’t even get warm once I was under the covers. What surprised me most of all , was that we just adapted . Yes we would complain to one another,  Yet continue living with things the way they had always been.

The following year we actually moved out of the bedroom for the winter into the guest room. It was much warmer . We were quite toasty and thought nothing about the upheaval we just accepted as a perfectly natural thing to do.

About the 3rd or possibly the 4th year into this same pattern, I decided to call an electrician , to see if there was a problem with the radiator. When I touched it it wasn’t producing much heat so I thought that it was likely a part of the problem .Within 48 hours the electrician had been. I happily paid the $75 and we had blissful heat . We were so pleased. We moved back into our bedroom that very evening and things returned to normal. When we renovated later that year we put in new insulation and the overheating issue took care of itself as well.

Now why am I even bringing this up you might wonder. That is until you ask yourself what was wrong with this picture. At no time did I even realize I could take action to fix the entire situation,  never mind actually fixing it, why is that ?  I would like to think I am a reazonably intelligent adult. I am quite capable of phoning an electrician.  So why didn’t I ? That is the million $ question. Was I so into just accepting the status quo that I didn’t even look for a solution ? That just might be the problem right there.

We have all heard the phrase ” can’t see the wood for the trees” I must have been deep in the forrest. The answer turned out , in this case to be a simple solution. To this day it makes me think that if something isn’t working don’t just do nothing. Recognize that whatever it is isn’t working , and take action.

In the case of my declining health, i clearly asked the wrong questions. I was too busy asking the medical profession what they could do for me. Rather than asking the far more important question . That being , what was I prepared to do for me.

I apply this philosophy to a lot of areas in my life now. Even the things I choose to do nothing about, must on some level , be working for me or I would have done something about it by now.

Choose what works , and take a good look at what doesn’t , only you can make those choices for yourself. Once you have done that you too might  find the biggest hurdles have their own easy solutions we just have to look for them .


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