Birth of a new year

Happy New Year

As the clock strikes midnight, the world cheers triumphantly. Not because we all got 1 second older., but because of the arrival of the new year. There is such fanfare, party hats, streamers, noise makers. It even bestows upon many, an ability to go up to perfect strangers and give them a kiss, even if. It is something we normally would never contemplate. Yes the booze might be a catalyst but the kiss still happens.

This one night brings with it the gift of hope. If the outgoing year has been a particularly difficult one it allows us to put a period on it. Taking a moment to breathe , we embrace the new year , along with all its endless potential. There is a keener awareness of the power of a new day.

I am going to go out on a limb here , and suggest that every day has that same ability to effect us.. We would only need to allow ourselves to be open to that possibility. It is within us to do just that.

When things were going sideways for me, I would wake up and decide that no matter what the day had in store, I was going to make it the best one I could. If that was too much, I simply cut the time down to a manageable level. Sometimes I would break it down to half a day or even smaller. I was in control. By dong this I allowed myself to smile and enjoy the moment for however long I could make it last. Did I have epic fails? I certainly did. I did however, know that there was a new tomorrow just around the corner. I would wake up and set the very same challenge. Make this day as good as I could . Make each moment meaningful. This day is just one moment in time.

So in the spirit of the new year, always take the positive with you , into each new day. Make every attempt to kick the negative to the curb. This day, this moment in time is all we have . Make the most of it . Just as we declare to one and all HAPPY NEW YEAR for the remaining 365 days as 2016 is a leap year let it be HAPPY NEW DAY.

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