Emotional weight loss

A great number of us could stand to loose a pound or two. We can commiserate about the struggle to achieve just that. What if however, the needed weight loss isn’t physical at all but mental.

The weight of emotional baggage can, over time, be just as debilitating as the extra pounds that have settled in for the foreseeable future. Everywhere you look, you can find advertisements for weight loss products. Some valid and others just money grabbing gimmicks, preying on our vulnerabilities.

There are no scales we can jump on, that tells us how much our emotional weight is. There are no warning signs that we might be exceeding our maximum acceptable baggage allowance . Wouldn’t it be brilliant if there was such a thing. We carry the emotional tonnage around just as surely as our excess fat. So how much is too much?

Because it is easier to scatter emotional baggage wherever we leave it, we end up with bags everywhere in all sorts of nooks and crannies. Anything to avoid dealing with it there and then. I think of this as emotional hoarding.

These scattered bags, are what trip us up when outwardly we look like we have our act together. The only person that truly knows if the person we have been portraying ourselves to be , is just an oscar worthy acting assignment or the real deal is ourselves. We all answer to that as individuals.

So what if we discover that we are indeed emotional hoarders, buried under a mountain of debris from our lifes journey. At this point, most of us would find it too daunting to even think about the arduous task of hunting down the discarded baggage, never mind going to the baggage claim desk.

How do we even rocognise it? There are no hazardous warning labels that clearly let us know we have come across emotional baggage and to proceed with caution. There is no one answer for that one ,as everyones emotional triggers are different, The triggers are anything that sets off the emotional avalanche within us.

For some it is being around people that make us feel less than our best about ourselves. Perhaps you have come across a professional put down artist. We have all met someone along the way that puts people down in an atempt to make themselves feel better. This ” con” is actually their issue. By deflecting it onto someone else the culpret is feeding off of that persons kind nature in order to make themselves feel good. Once we SEE that for ourselves we take away their power to suck the life out of us.

This is just one small example. Another could be recognising the guilt factor. When we feel we should do soomething that we only agree to do in order to keep others happy. This can be traced back to guilt. It is one of the more powerful holds on us.

Don’t forget the emotionsl eating triggers. Eating though, is the EFFECT remember, not the CAUSE. The cause could be anything from being annoyed, to disappointment, even jealousy. It is not a one size fits all situation. What could cause that reaction in me would not necessarily cause that reaction on you the reader.

Whatever your baggage is, as you get to know your inner self more deeply it will be easier to not only recognise emotional baggage but send it on it’s merry way once and for all. When we bring our mind into the process of being, you just might discover that you have all you need to tackle the emotional debris and win.

The thing is, once you have identified that the debris exists, you can’t continue to lock it away. Don’t be alarmed, there is no need to call 1-800-GOT-JUNK right this very second. May I suggest something slightly more manageable. We all have emotional baggage that is taking up space. We might even need a hazmat suit before wading in any deeper to the stuff we have carried with us literally sometimes for decades.

So why not start by giving it our upmost effort to prevent new baggage from taking up residency. Deal with the here and now. Don’t beat yourself up if the odd thing manages to slip by. If it does , try and keep it towards the front of the pile. The newer stuff hasn’t set in like cement. Put yourself on notice that you will deal with the new stuff as soon as you can and mean it. By stemming the influx of new baggage we can get a better handle on the situation. Knowledge is power.

As we become more comfortable with recognizing and dealing with the baggage ,the easier it will be when, we take the journey into the nooks and crannies of our mind with our luggage cart in tow, ready to load up,claim our baggage and meet the 1-800-got-junk vehicle to haul it away for good. What a delight.

Once the emotional fat becomes lighter , in conjunction with the standard food weight loss it will become apparent how the body and mind really do effect each other. Instead of loosing the battle on both fronts let your mind and body get reacquainted. Together they can be an unstoppable force.

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