Emotional weight loss, the sequal

Just like when we loose weight ( or more specifically fat ) we need to go through our closet from time to time to discover what still fits. That has been a particularly pleasant monthly event for me this past year. I haven’t been dieting. Instead ,Harley’s regime of ever changing exercises had me loosing inches as well as the standard poundage. All without making major changes to my diet at all.

On one occasion I had been looking forward to fitting into a particularly nice pair of pants that I had buried away in a bin of clothes downstairs. I opened the box with great anticipation, only to discover that they were already TOO BIG. I had missed my window of opportunity. I had already moved on to a smaller size.

The same could very well be true of our emotional baggage. Are the things that upset us years ago ,still even relevant? We attach so much importance to ” things” or “events” don’t we? Cast your mind back for a moment, to your youth. As you grew things were routinely changed because they just didn’t fit any more. This didn’t take lots of thought it just happened. It was easy to recognize that we had outgrown the things around us. Like my ever shrinking waistline, things change.

If we never take the time to check on what we have, to see if it is still relevant, we end up just adding to the pile and running out of room. Is this what may be happening with our mental baggage I wonder.

Over the years, perhaps because hopefully we get wiser, our opinion on things changes. It could be something as simple as now preferring the colour red over royal blue, right up to our core beliefs about people and the world around us.

So when we finally venture into our baggage closet, be prepared to find some outdated stuff. When you come across such relics, hit your mental delete button and move on. It is so empowering. You might find that even this portion of the exercise frees up space. Yes the hazmat suit is ready to come into service at a moments notice. When it is hazmat time , you will know. At least some of the excess rubble will have already gone when you get there.

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