The significance of milestones

There are all kinds of milestones as we go through our lives. From the moment of birth we have instantly achieved our very first one, just by being. For the most part, cameras are at the ready to capture the essence of the moment for posterity. From first steps, first words , first day of school ,graduation, weddings. The list is endless.

Today is one of those days for me , being off the roller coaster of medical appointments, prescriptions and being subjected to random drug tests, just for the privilege of taking legally prescribed medications for pain relief.

The good milestones ( The DIAMONDS ) are ones we look back on with great fondness , year after year. Christmas, anniversaries… even birthdays if you haven’t already stopped counting them that is.

There are also the milestones that are ( The ROCKS ). We remember them just as clearly as the diamond ones. The difference is ,that just the idea of them weights us down. Perhaps an anniversary of a health scare, or an accident. It can be anything that is the catalyst that triggers a downward spiral. A particularly difficult one that we all experience somewhere along the way, is the death of a loved one. Perhaps someone without whom we can’t imagine having the ability to even breathe.

Be they diamonds or rocks, milestones will continue to play a significant part in each of our lives. Whenever possible, I try to celebrate the diamonds as they come along, The harder I have had to work for a specific diamond milestone, the more I treasure the achievement.

For the rocks, or on occasion the boulders. I do tend to tread lightly. They can be among minefields of emotional baggage, that I don’t want to detonate. Milestones are more retrospective something to look back on. For the New Year ahead I see myself mainly focusing on creating new milestone moments. As I hopefully evolve into a better version of myself. I’ll give it my best shot anyway. We all continue to be a work in progress.

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