Missing Ingredients


It takes many ingredients coming together to create our favourite meal. Even better, that decadent treat that makes our mouth water, at the very thought of it. The same can be said for our physical well being.

Doctors look after us physically, prescribing medications to cover up the pain. It might be a great temporary fix . It doesn’t however , get to the core of the problem . That being, the original cause that created the pain in the first place. The next thing you know there are new medications to take care of the side effects from taking the original medication. A slippery slope indeed.

Even with medical intervention, I discovered that my physical being was just a small part of the whole picture. I concentrated so much on what my physical body was going through, that I overlooked my mind and spirit completely.

Along the journey to better my health I discovered almost by accident that your mind and spirit need just as much attention to make us feel complete. So are they 3 separate ingredients? Or is it all just the same thing but looked at from 3 separate angles?

Each of us might answer that differently . That doesn’t make us wrong . it is whatever works for us. For me ,I look at the body, mind, and spirit as working as one. When all areas are nurtured it allows me to feel my very best. Not unlike putting premium gas in a finely tuned custom vehicle. It wants to purr as we travel life’s roads, rather than clunking along in a beat up wreck of a vehicle.

We all deserve to feel like we are the star attraction in our own lives. With proper care we can all become a vintage classic.

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