Welcome To The Pilot Light Initiative


Welcome to the very first blog of The Pilot Light Initiative.

Let me begin by explaining how the initiative came to be. I had seriously declining health issues for 12 years. During that time I saw enough medical professionals to last a lifetime. The results were all the same no one was able to make me better. I always thought medical improvements happen all the time. I just needed to be patient. i waited … and waited one day after the next ,week in week out, year after year nothing changed. I only managed to get worse.

There was literally no one else to see. I was going to be the way I was until I died. Maybe I had nothing to loose at that point. I felt invisible while in plain sight . Could it be that I became so talented at not drawing attention to myself that the invisibility was now woven into my very being?

I became very conscious of my breath I was indeed breathing normally my chest rising and falling in perfect rhythm , yet I felt I was gasping on the inside, just trying to hang on. I refer to this as my pilot light moment. Each of us are made up of more than DNA, muscles , bones and tissue. It was the pilot light that keeps my spirit alive that was in danger of being extinguished. I could live another 40 years or more but the sparkle that makes me whole would not be with me.

You might find this hard to relate to, yet even though I was having a serious pilot light issue I was not depressed. I knew I needed all my strength to move forward . I could not allow myself to take extra baggage . Like an economy airline only essential carry on baggage would be allowed.

Call it a leap of faith, momentary madness, or an act of brilliance . in reality it most likely was a combination of all three. I just don’t know in what measure.

I knew I could not stand still a moment longer. rightly or wrongly I was going to move forward and accept whatever came my way. In my case I happened to be blessed to meet a wonderful young man named Harley Preston. His approach to mindful fitness completely changed my life. He was able to achieve what the medical profession could not. There will be more about the journey to better my health and his major role in achieving that in future posts. That being said ,this blog is not intended to provide a platform just to tell my story . You would read it once , and never have the need to come back. The pilot Light Initiative through this blog hopefully will allow people that perhaps are unable to see a possibility of hope , to find their own inner strength to move forward in their own journey through hearing about other people and knowing they are not alone .

We have had many deep discussions Harley and I , on both physical and emotional pain and how it effects the body. I know I am not the only one out there who’s pilot light began to flicker. If you are reading this and have experienced anything even remotely similar I would love to hear from you. Everyones pain is unique to them, no matter what the cause. I would like to think together we can keep the light burning brightly.for …  that is the very mission of The pilot light initiative .


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